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Whether a hot summer afternoon or a freezing winter night, you rely on your HVAC system for efficient heating and cooling in your house. As the cold season sets in, Happy Hippo Heating and Cooling are working with homeowners to prepare them for what’s ahead: months of cold weather. Besides checking the boiler and shutting down your AC for protection, we can inspect your furnace after collecting dust all summer.

After many months of dormancy, the furnace might have picked up minor signs of damage. We leverage extensive industry experience and skill to assess, detect, and address any issue before winter goes into full gear. Here are five reasons we recommend regular furnace inspection in Homer Glen.

Avoid Large and Costly Repairs

The repairs and maintenance we do during furnace inspections will cost you a bit, but less than a complete unit replacement or significant repairs. We ensure every nook and cranny is checked, identifying minor problems before they become more pronounced. Preventive maintenance improves heating and cooling in Homer Glen, and we are the go-to HVAC service to ensure everything is running as expected. The cost of maintenance inspections offsets the price of large repairs, saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

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Order a Replacement if Needed

Homeowners can rely on the same furnace for many years without replacing it to save money. You may spend more money on repairs and frequent maintenance in the long run. The average lifespan of a furnace is usually 8 to 10 years, but it can run longer if you uphold a strict maintenance plan. A furnace over ten years old should be replaced with a newer, more efficient unit. This is the best option to improve the indoor atmosphere and prevent sudden breakdowns, common with old systems.

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Avoid Gas Leaks

Happy Hippo Heating and Cooling is a certified HVAC provider that protects your home against odorless and deadly carbon monoxide. If you have a gas model furnace, inspections are crucial to avoid leaks. Some states and local municipalities mandate homeowners to schedule inspections. You may also deal with flammable gasses that increase the risk of fire hazards. We use state-of-the-art equipment to pinpoint the leak.

Better Energy Efficiency

Failing to provide regular care creates room for inefficiencies that overwhelm your system, resulting in shockingly high energy bills. According to the Department of Energy, a furnace uses nearly half of the homeowners’ power consumption. We provide furnace maintenance in Homer Glen to optimize energy use and monthly bills by 30%.

Extend Furnace Lifespan

Every appliance has an expiration date. If your system no longer meets your needs, a furnace is no exception. However, a little TLC can ensure your unit goes the distance, so you don’t spend money on a new one soon. When was the last time your furnace was inspected by a professional? Contact us for exceptional furnace repair and maintenance services. Let us help you improve your heating and cooling in Homer Glen at competitive market rates.


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